Proposed design: park toilet

Ever walked into the wrong side of the public bathroom facility? It’s not so difficult to do in this park. This design has become too subtle and unfortunately ineffective.




This the current situation of the park: toilets located in brick “hut” amongst the trees. It gets a bit lost and it’s not quite clear that these are toilets.

Inspiration: Now, this Dutch toilette has a different approach. Toilettes have locked doors and are located in the middle of the parking lot. Giant letters help communicate its function and trash cans are close at hand. Playful design that is not subtle, but certainly effective.




My proposal is below: simple graphic signage for the side of the building.

  • greater visibility from the playground (high traffic area)
  • use of icons for faster readability
  • brail used at human scale level

I’d also like to point out the major difference in light: The photo in Amsterdam was taken in January whereas the photo in Texas was taken in November. One looks depressing while the other looks like summer!