Generally speaking, I am T-shaped special!

Posted on Jan 25, 2012 in design process

There’s a lot of talk about the “Tshaped” individual—someone who specialized in one major discipline and has breadth in many other areas. T people are great collaborators during the brainstorm and ideation phase of a project and can also expertly ‘get things done’ in the execution phase.

I have always desired to be a well rounded person.

I have deep awe and respect Leonardo da Vinci, the artist/designer/engineer/urban planner/architect/etc/etc. And with a Renaissance man approach to learning and development, my ‘generalist’ skills are very useful, especially within an entrepreneurial environment. While being able to do many things well, I recognize developing a greater depth of knowledge and ‘owning’ one particular area is immensely rewarding and highly marketable. Plus, IDEO won’t hire me unless I become a T.

my Tshaped skills

my Tshaped skills

With a team of people committed to designing the best on-brand solution that satisfies the brief, there is no selfishness in what the final executional direction is. If it’s a poster, great. If it’s an interactive built environment, a facebook app, and so on, we can trust that as a team comprised of a variety of skills and expertise, we can create a great end result.