Junior: my 7-year companion

Posted on Aug 1, 2013 in community, experience design, user research

The content of this post would normally be reduced to a pin on my “Products I love”  Pinterest board, but I felt like expanding for design evangelism sake.

Many friends have asked me for ergonomic chair advice over the years and here’s what I tell them. I began a thorough search during my 2nd year of design school when I realized so much of my design time was spent sitting in front of a screen (or in meetings). I tested out many task chairs in a variety of Toronto retailers before deciding on Junior, a chair from Canadian maker Keilhauer. Other companies I would recommend are: Herman Miller, Steelcase, Vitra, Humanscale, Teknion. They all make great products, but you  have to find the right one for you. The great thing about one of these companies is the amount of research, testing and customization they offer. Much like the science that’s involved in producing the Nike free shoes, a good designer considers ergonomics, performance, materiality, durability and affordance. Be prepared to spend up to $750 for a good chair–YES, it’s an investment in your health & wellness.

My chair is about 7 years old and the cushion is still firm, all the mechanical parts are still 100% and I’m very happy with it.


I couldn’t resist sharing the photo from the Japanese Keilhauer landing page!