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After an initial successful collaboration with furniture designer Brian Ender, we commissioned him to build a bed. I supplied him with the above reference images, some construction documentation with specifications and discussed material choices and fabrication details. The whole process took about 2 months. I had hoped to construct it in a way that would facilitate easy disassembly, but we were not able to ensure structural integrity within that design constraint. The bed legs turned out too long to fit the frame in the apartment’s freight elevator, so Brian had to saw a few inches off. It didn’t impact the aesthetics or function of the bed negatively.  The wood is reclaimed pine with a clear coat. The blackened steel frame supports wood slats that eliminate the need for a box spring mattress. A natural latex mattress and linens from Cocomat complete the look.


We’re thrilled about the final product and I highly recommend Brian’s workmanship!

He can be contacted at info@endeverfurniture.com.

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