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I’ve been designing my perfect desk for years. So, when we moved to Austin and started the hunt for furniture, I decided it was time to execute the vision. We spotted a table on craigslist by local furniture designer Brian Ender that closely resembled the design I wanted, so we reached out to see if he could make something to our specifications. He was a great collaborator and worked with us to select the wood, stain and refine the details of adding support and castors. One design considerations was to have the height of the desk accommodate our chair armrests. Secondly, I wanted no knee-height support beams so that the table could be accessed from both sides in the case that it must perform as a dinner table in short notice. Thirdly, it needed to have castors so that we could easily transform our spaces and move it around. Much of the design process was reductive: eliminating early design elements such as drawers and holes for electronic cords.

Below are some of the inspirational sketches





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